Treatment & Prices

First treatment (90 minutes) £75
Subsequent treatments (60 minutes) £60
Remote treatments
(via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp)
(per 20 minutes) £15

Treatments take place at the Anahata Clinic in Edward Street, Kemptown (

Please note

I have often found that the healing process will be considerably enhanced if clients have an openness for positive change and a willingness to make the suggested lifestyle changes and take the recommended supplements.

Please wear comfortable clothes for your session.

Recommended Number of Treatments

For emotional and postural issues a series of three treatments is recommended in order to allow tackling issues from different angles. If after three treatments no positive changes are noticed, another approach than Kinesiology might be required.

Guidelines for Food Deficiency Testing: one treatment every 4-6 weeks for three months and then every 3-4 months.

10% of the income from treatments
will be donated to local charities

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