"I have worked with a number of kinesiologists over the years, and Sabine is a keeper! I find her wonderfully warm, down-to-earth, intuitive, thorough and open-minded. Most importantly, my health continues to make improvements under her care."

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend sessions with Sabine. Her knowledge, dedication, skills and healing abilities go beyond words. Sabine has been part of my healing journey, assisting me with health and wellbeing issues for the past 8 years. In this times she supported me with establishing my nutritional needs, worked on emotional blockages and helped me to regain overall balance. While recovering after an operation Sabine helped me to correct the physical alignments, as well as to find suitable supplements to speed up my recovery. While doing so she showed a great empathy, patience and understanding. All of which has helped me on many levels.

Thank you so much ❤"

"I couldn't believe how much energy I had after seeing you in Monday! I was fully prepared to be in bed for the rest of the afternoon, but instead I was just going-going-going! Feeling much happier too and abdominal pain is now intermittent, rather than constant as it used to be! :) Thank you :)"

"I wanted to thank you for your time and kindness in my session. I appreciate that you never rush me and I find it so easy to share my feelings with you. I always feel so safe and nourished by your treatment and am so fascinated by all of it."

"The kinesiology session was of real value, I seemed to sleep last night very well, and without the pain I often get from the axilla."

"Ich wollte sagen, dass ich auf einmal voller Tatkraft bin. Ich finde auch meine Angstzustände früh am Morgen sind seit drei Tagen ausgeblieben. Alles wunderbar..."

("I just wanted to say that all of the sudden I'm full of energy! For three days now I have not had any anxiety attacks which I normally have in the mornings. All good!")

"I want to thank you for another really nourishing treatment. That evening I noticed that the pain in my inner thigh had gone. Also I practised the affirmations you suggested which really helped my return to work. Today I felt wobbly and anxious. I sought some quiet time and during it made up a new affirmation. It took a while but eventually my anxiety, the knot and pain in my stomach subsided and my equilibrium returned. This feels very new and really good, so thanks again!"

"I have definitely noticed some improvements whilst on the current supplements I am taking at the moment."

"I have to say I am in a much more positive frame of mind and my energy levels are better than they were."

"I must admit that initially I was a little unsure about what kinesology was and how it could benefit me but having been recommened Sabine by a friend I was keen to try and see for myself. I am very happy that I did! Sabine is very friendly and professional. I immediatly felt at ease with her and she explained the process to me very well. I am very pleased with the results. I feel better in myself and have become a true kinseology convert!"

"I trust Sabine, she is a skilled kinesiologist that I see a few times a year to keep my body in good shape. She has spotted and treated imbalances that have mystified my G.P! I find her very accurate and tallented and don't hesitate to recommend her to my own clients, many of whom she has helped. It's a brilliant, non-invasive treatment which has proved extremely useful in defining food intolerances, candida albicans and giving accurate results for supplement needs etc."

"In every consultation I learned important things about my body. Also I always felt totally relaxed and sustainably relieved afterwards. I wished I could have had more treatments! Dear Sabine, MANY MANY THANKS!"

"I saw Sabine for a Kinesiology Session after a very stressful day at work feeling rather angry and harassed by a situation at work that I had to face the next day. We agreed that some emotional release related to the work issue would be of help, combined with a positive attitude to strengthen me for the next day's events. She did a balance on me and we used an affirmation. We also went through the events of the day and released the distress they had caused me. After the balance I felt much calmer, strengthened and quite happy. The next day I faced my superior without any grudge and the situation was resolved effortlessly."

"I woke up one morning and was unable to move my left arm due to a frozen shoulder. Any movement was incredibly painful, not possible. I was in agony and called Sabine for a pain relief session. Obviously it was not possible to muscle test my arm due to the pain. Sabine managed to calm down the muscles involved, and already during the session I was able to move my shoulder again, the pain had gone down from a pain level of 9-10 (very bad) to 3-4! The next morning the pain and discomfort was down to 1-2 with a nearly full movement range. The session had made all the difference."

"I felt very relaxed after my session Sabine - thank you for your great support."

"I would like to thank you again for the session (....) it has been a contributing factor for curing two of my ailments; the rash on my leg and tightening up my stomach skin."

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