What is Kinesiology?

This amazing biofeedback system uses a simple non-invasive 14-muscle test to detect and correct stress and imbalances within the body/mind while the client lies comfortably and fully clothed on a treatment table.

By "talking" to the body in its own language, the conscious mind is bypassed and precise information can be obtained as to whether the correction needs to be done on an emotional, chemical (i.e. food, supplements), energetic or postural level.

Combining the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the findings of Western Medicine, gentle and relaxing balancing techniques such as the stimulation or just holding of acupressure points, neuro lymphatic points and acupuncture meridians are then used to restore a balance, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized and uplifted.

The use of colour, sound and affirmative statements can add extra power to the balance.

What can Kinesiology treat?

Muscle Testing can be used for:

Muscle Testing is an outstanding tool for identifying which substance (vitamins, minerals, etc.) will be needed to support your wellbeing, and if so how much or to identify what food items cause negative reactions.

Limiting beliefs and body held stress patterns or traumas can be resolved though gentle emotional or postural release.

For more information see also "Kinesiology Association".

Sabine Humphreys talks about Kinesiology

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